DiddyDollars is Here.

Diddy is here and its “The New Gamer Currency”!

Guppy Games | Guppy Media has created a whole new platform of helping gaming companies both increase their bottom line revenue but also provide a more interactive and relevant way for their gaming audience to experience a more integrated sense of point redemption. Most virtual currency, or “offerwall” solutions on the market today, typically do not cater to the specific needs of the gamer, as a unique audience. The majority of their focus is typically within social networks like Facebook and Myspace. Diddy is completely unique in the sense that its targeted specifically for virtual worlds such as Second Life and online MMO gaming environments like Lineage and Guild Wars.

For Developers

If you’re an online gaming or virtual worlds developer and currently have a micropayment system in place for your various item trading / buying, you may want to consider a test with DiddyDollars and simply run a test to see how immediately you can realize revenue. Or, if you already have a virtual currency solution, we encourage you to test out Diddy and see for yourself how you will realize higher eCPM’s, since our advertisements simply convert better, due to the relevant of the offers with your gaming audience. Contact our publishing team today to get your Diddy code today!

For Advertisers, Networks and Agencies

If you’re a direct Advertiser, Agency or Network, today is your lucky day! If you happen to develop and / or represent your advertisers and clients as an AOR, we want to actively source campaigns from you. Due to DiddyDollarz active and automated offer fulfillment functionality, the system optimizes automatically to constantly provide the best performing campaigns and offers. As a result, Diddy constantly needs to be “fed” with all “CP” based offers. This includes CPA, CPL and CPS. Please contact our sales team today if you have some direct and or exclusive offers you would like for us to review and test on Diddy immediately!
Get Diddy – it pays.